so I’m a piece of shit

Yeah, two and a half years later and I’m back thinking that this blog gig can actually help me. However seeing I have trouble keeping things up that don’t give me positive attention, don’t expect much from this. I’d like to think that I’m starting this blog back because I’m starting a new chapter, embarking on a new journey! But realistically, I’m essentially at an all time low. I was a glorified booty call for a year and half to guy who would just go to college and forget all about me. I mean don’t get me wrong, college is important and I suppose I’m kind of selfish for expecting much from him, I guess I just though I deserved to expect so much from him. The sad part is we never even dated, (I mean what 19 year old wants a little 16 year old but still), I just let him use me up all afor the hope of one day he would want more of me than just somewhere to get his dick wet. That can’t be so wrong right? As I’m typing this I realize this is kind of relaxing??? Like I feel pretty great about this so maybe I’ll actually keep this shit up. That was a total side note but anywaysssssss. Back to my shit relationship expectations. I suppose I’m still waiting on my hot british vlogger to hit me up and demand my love, however I’m probably on the road to being in the same predicament than I was before. Except this time, it’s with a guy a year older than me, that from the surface is a perfect Christian all american boy, but on the inside, is as sexually fucked up and frustrated as the rest of us. Well, I guess this is enough obscenities for now. Maybe I’ll update again today, but I’m a piece of shit. Stay tuned.



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