I love Football

Yep, you heard right love football. Me, the semi-athletic 16 year old girl who’s only experience with football was being a cheerleader (I couldn’t name 4 football positions) loves football. No, I am not saying this so boys will see it and want to shove their dick in me, I’m saying I love it because I do. But………it’s not the actual game I like, its the activity (and more specifically, the Super Bowl). I love the act of 60,000 people getting together to watch a bunch of 20 something year olds who are probably jacked on steroids throwing a ball around. I love the full on fights that occur between friends over the “best” teams, most of which end with someone being fully exposed for cheating on their wife of 15 years. I love seeing the veins that pop out of the old white mens’ necks as they yell at the referees through the television screen or over thousands of other people as if they can hear them (I’m looking at you dad, shut the hell up you scared the dogs). I love the copious amounts of bar food that many homes serve for the game. I fucking love hot wings and home-made guacamole. Most of all, I love seeing my brother, dad, and step-mom have a bomb ass time eating and drinking, while watching one of America’s favorite pastimes.

(I know this was sappy as shit get over it, my heart was present and full. You can expect the usual loathing tomorrow probably.)



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